Online percussion lessons
Online percussion lessons

Online Music and Percussion Lessons

Online Music and Percussion Lessons

Study music and percussion online with Miguel Hiroshi

A skilled music instructor based in Madrid, Miguel possesses a backpack full of music tools, skills and creative ideas that he is excited and happy to share. He offers lessons online concentrating on one instrument, on particular rhythm patterns or playing technique. With a deep knowledge of rhythm, world percussion and genres, Miguel is also a skilled guide for delving deeper into music essentials that are applicable to any instrument or musical situation. His goal as music and percussion teacher is to help students attune their musical ear and awaken their creativity.

Compás Flamenco

Raised in Andalusi­a and based in Madrid, Miguel was shaped by flamenco in the way a mother-tongue shapes a speaker. An ancient musical form rooted presumably in India, flamenco evolved with the mixture of cultures that called the Iberian peninsula home —  Arabs, Jews, Gypsy, Hispanics Africans and eventually Americans as well. This heterogenous mix of cultures is why flamenco’s rhythms are sophisticated, playful, groovy, and electrifying. Miguel will give students keys to understanding these rhythms on cajón, palmas (hand-clapping) and other instruments.

Handpans Encounters

Miguel is excited to share his love and knowledge for Handpan, also known as Hang drum, pantam and hang, the percussion instrument has been close to him for almost 15 years now. The content of the course focuses on playing techniques that work best for Handpan, and approaches to sound, music development and improvisation that can empower a musician playing this marvelous percussion instrument.

World Percussion and Playing Techniques

There are endless world percussion instruments around the globe and many ways of playing and combining them. During this course, both in its online format or in private lessons, Miguel explains the essentials of percussion playing and techniques. A fundamental basis of this course is also understanding how to elicit a great sound from a variety of percussive instruments from around the world, or any sounding surface. A global comprehesion from a experienced percussion teacher.

Rhythm Encounters

Based on an ancient Indian system that connects mathematics with music, and the brain with language, Hiroshi breaks down the essentials of rhythm for musicians of any instrument or skill level. No other learning technique is more accurate, precise, or quicker for progressing from simpler to more complicated rhythmic patters. Students will gain the essentials for deeper comprehension, analysis and composition settings. Miguel is transmiting through his online percussion lessons, the essence of rhythm to students around the globe from his studio in Madrid.

 Study Music and Percussion Online

All the courses listed above are available as online lessons or with a focus on single instruments like cajón, handpan, frame drums, tabla, ghatam, calabash, udu, kalimba, pandero cuadrao, hand percussion, etc.  Online world percussion lessons offered via platforms such asZoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. If you have a specific proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact Miguel directly.

Miguel is available for online lessons, private and public workshops, conferences, clinics and study programs at universities. 

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